Livewell Aerating Pumps

Cartridge Aerator
IceChest Aerator Kit
Twin Port
offer the convenience of using only one intake for both the live well and raw water wash down pump. The ¾” tapered inlet connects directly to the sea cock and the upper outlet port provides a continuous flow of water through the ¾”. discharge to the live well while the lower outlet port connects to the wash down pump through either a ½” or ¾” ports. New high pressure inlet seal easily handles the higher pressures created by high speed pickups commonly used.

Model No. Description
48503 550 GPH
48703 750 GPH
48903 950 GPH
48103 1250 GPH*
*1¹⁄8" discharge to livewell

Cartridge Aerator PumpsCartridge Aerator Pump
Livewell pumps in 500 GPH and 750 GPH capacities with two different intake configurations of straight and 90°. Smaller profiles to fit in more confined spaces. Easy to change motor cartridge. Johnson Pump cartridge aerator pumps offer the ease of convenience and years of realiable service.

Model No. Description
28503 500 GPH straight
38503 500 GPH 90°
28703 750 GPH straight
38703 750 GPH 90°

Ice Chest Aerator kit
converts any good sized ice chest (Esky) into your own portable live bait tank. The Ice Chest Aerator will keep your live bait alive, or catch fresh, even during the heat of the day. Includes a sturdy Bilge Mate pump, hose, spray bar, press on clamp, battery clamps and clear-cut instructions. Since there are no holes to drill the chest can always be returned to its original purpose.
Note! Actual product Mayfair Marine branded and may not include all items pictured.

Model No. Description
24052 Ice Chest Aerator kit

Inwell Aerator

In-well Aerator kit
The easiest way to add oxygen to your live bait well. Use it as your primary aerator, or to recirculate while you’re making a long run across the bay, or if you are trailing the boat, you can stop for fuel and be aerating your catch while the boat is on the trailer. A dependable 500 GPH forces water through the aerating head to provide vital oxygen for respiration ensuring your bait stays fresh longer. To empty the well at the end of the day, merely open the valve, activate the pump and water passes through a discharge fitting.
Note! Actual product Mayfair Marine branded.

Model No. Description
34024 In-well Aerator kit

Aqua Jet WD/Livewell Pump Kit 5.2
Aqua Jets wash down/live well pump kit makes it easy to add a wash down and live well pump to any boat. Including;
• Aqua Jet WD 5.2, 5 bar (70 psi) pump, ½" NPT/hose ¾", ¾" GHT.
• 550 GPH Twin Port live well pump, inlet ¾" NPTx1" length,
Discharge; Livewell ¾" straight or 90° hose, WD ½" FNPT, ¾" MNPT or ¾" hose
• Bulk head fitting with valve, - inlet ¾" hose, outlet ¾" GHT
• 7.5 meters (25’) of coiled wash down hose ¾" GHT
• PUMProtector inlet strainer
• Spray nozzle
• Aerating head, ¾" hose
• 2 illuminated panel switches

Order No Description
64634 Aqua Jet 5.2 WD/ 550 Live Well Pump Kit 12 V

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